Appearances And Their Friends

Stand Up

Funny Women Of A Certain Age (New England show)

Mama Bang Bang Emcee for Rogue Burlesque 2013-2017

Nick At Nite’s Search For Funniest Mom in America 3 TV

(April ’07 broadcast/ Top 15 in Northeast region)

Boston Comedy Festival 2007 through 2010 (Contest '08/'10) MA

Women In Comedy Festival MA

Mamapalooza Festival NYC

North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (2/2011)

Five Funny Female Tour New England Region

Comic In Residence Program @ The Comedy Studio Boston

Rooftop Comedy's Daily 8 Pick

*more extensive list of NYC, NY, PA, NJ, CT, NY, VT,MA, ME venues available upon request

Film/Live Performances

The A Plate T. Weissman, Dir.

The Polka King M.Forbes/W. Wolodarsky, Dirs.

This Invention of Lying R. Gervais, Dir.

Gayle with Chris Fleming (as Linda)

27 Dresses SCUBA diver underwater wedding photo (stunt) A. Fletcher, Dir.


Anthony Vincent Bova, Joy Morris using Eric Morris Acting Technique, Susan Cameron Voice, Wendy Dillon Voice-over, Upright Citizens Brigade NYC Long-form Improv/Harold

Other Stuff I Can Do

Sketch and stand-up comic, Produced NYC Playwright, Horror quality scream ( a very underrated gift). Padi Scuba diver, Licensed VT drivers license, Former adult with epilepsy (public speaker), Can do pratfalls and side split, Basic swing and ballroom, Very Basic French (I understand how to pronounce stuff), Writer, Dialects (various countries, various regions). Voice over commercial demo available. SAG/AFTRA

Saturday, April 13, 2019


Coming up......Or were supposed to be coming up.....
  • March 6/7 The Comedy Studio Bostonish Somerville MA
  • March 16 Skinny Pancake Burlington VT
  • March 17-19 Possible TBA
  • March 21 Woolen Mills Comedy Bridgewater VT
  • March 27 The Comedy Studio see above
  • April 2 The Comedy Studio see above
  • April 10 Twiggs Benefit St. Albans VT
  • April 18 The Comedy Studio see above
  • April 21/22 TBA
  • April 30 First Churches Benefit Northampton MA
  • May 2 Arguments And Grievances Winnoski VT
  • May 6    Funny Women Of A Certain Age     NYC
  • May 8-10 WICF Women In Comedy Fest. Boston MA
  • May 23 The Comedy Studio see above
  • May 27 The Shaskeen in Manchester NH (feature)
So here is the deal. I am going to throw in a little schedule of things coming up and then I will delete the blog as things change every couple of months. In theory.

The kid has gone off to college. The spouse is on the road. No more rehearsals in Boston or burly shows, I have been on a writing and performing rampage like my life depends on it. Mostly because it does. I need money and attention and I have finally gotten an act that I genuinely like. Book me.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Howdee.....My Faccacta Tuches Is Back!

So a lot has been going on in the upteen million years since I've utilized this here thing so we have a lot of catching up to do!

First of all,  I was cast in one of the very best comedy burlesque troupes in all of the world (and especially Boston) Rogue Burlesque as their host Mama Bang Bang. In the three years since embarking on this ship of riches, I have written or co-written a number of scripted variety shows including several installments of "Talk Nerdy To Me," "Speakeasy Circus" runs number one and two as part of The Boston Circus Guild.....who, in turn, were part of the Artist In Residence program at The Oberon which is, in turn, part of the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard.....and "Your Body And You" all at the Oberon. We also have done a ton of revue shows at The Oberon, Club Cafe and other places.

Working with the Rogues gave me the opportunity to explore Bang Bang and other characters like Prunehead Kugel: Burlesque Queen Of The Boca Raton Retirement Community, Mob Thug Pearlie Dentimacchia* and Health Teacher Joan. Pearlie was actually kicked over to another performer for the third run of "Speakeasy" which is sort of weird but also nice because something I help create evolved on without me. Pearlie got legs and ran off. So there you go.

Also, during this time I was allowed the opportunity to explore my character Linda from "Gayle" a little further, taking her to different theatres in New York and Boston. I always wondered what it was like to work on the Brattle and Soho Rep and now I know. Working with Chris Fleming and Melissa Strype and the whole Gayle gang is always like being in a perfect storm of performers. I always feel so lucky to be sitting in the middle of genius swirling around me. The audience can be off the hook insanely wonderful. For a moment, when I walk out onto the stage, they scream and I feel like a Monkee. Life don't get better than doing a Gayle show.

I also had one of those weird How The Hell Did I Get here experiences being cast in a small role in Jack Black's next movie "The Polka King" which is set to premier in 2017.  I made some character choices I may be stuck with forever and I am really curious to see how this looks. The script is really great and the story, based on a true one, is just crazy.

My voice over reel nabbed me the 2015 Best Female In A Voice Over Spot NEABO award which was super cool and encouraging. I was also cast directly out of the New England Actors website by Cramer Productions to do a union in-house educational film voice over gig. Gotta love that site! Right now I am pursing a lot more of that kind of work. I am also setting up the capability to do audiobooks (yes, I really can talk in a lower register!) and have the ability to self submit voice over submissions from home. I'm looking at you, NYC voice over agents.

In writing land, too many details will spoil the surprise. Lots of other blogging and play writing projects coming out of my head.  Whatever I grab onto next...

And, as always, stand-up. Because it is the mother ship. Schedule updates to come!

 Photo credits: Justin Moore, Hans Wendland

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Newton and Precious Saltwater in case you are looking for something non-stand uppy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Trailer

This is a picture of my trailer in the movie "The Invention of Lying."  There is nothing cooler than having a trailer, someone to carry an umbrella over your head to keep your hair just so and Ricky Gervais to attack loudly for pay. My door is the first one (its NOT the bathroom). The last door is my friend Joe Wong's.  This was a very good day.

And while we're at it, me as stupid as a stump post Lisa Pecky in "The A Plate" with Sam McMurry and Joe Stapleton. Another great day at work.