Appearances And Their Friends

Stand Up

Nick At Nite’s Search For Funniest Mom in America 3 TV

(April ’07 broadcast/ Top 15 in Northeast region)

Boston Comedy Festival 2007 through 2010 MA

BCF Competition 2010/2008

New York Underground Comedy Festival NYC

Women In Comedy Festival MA

Mamapalooza Festival NYC

North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (2/2011)

Five Funny Female Tour New England Region

Carolines/Gotham Comedy Club/Comedy Cellar/Stand-up NY NYC

2004 Ladies of Laughter (professional) at The Improv NYC

Villa Roma Resort The Catskills

Comic In Residence Program @ The Comedy Studio Boston

The Comedy Studio/Comedy Connection/Mottley’s Comedy Club /Comedy Club At Cheers Boston

Rooftop Comedy's Daily 8 Pick

*more extensive list of NYC, NY, PA, NJ, CT, NY, VT,MA, ME venues available upon request


The A Plate T. Weissman, Dir.

This Invention of Lying R. Gervais, Dir.

Dopes M. Stanley, Dir.

Practical Magic Foot/FX G. Dunn, Dir.

27 Dresses SCUBA diver underwater wedding photo (stunt) A. Fletcher, Dir.


Anthony Vincent Bova, Joy Morris using Eric Morris Acting Technique

Susan Cameron Voice

Wendy Dillon Voice-over

Upright Citizens Brigade NYC Long-form Improv/Harold

Other Stuff I Can Do

Sketch and stand-up comic, Produced NYC Playwright, Horror quality scream ( a very underrated gift). Padi Scuba diver, Backpacker (AMC).Licensed MA drivers license, Former adult with epilepsy (public speaker), Can do pratfalls, Not afraid of heights, Great with animals, Basic swing and ballroom, Writer, Dialects (various countries, various regions). Voice over commercial demo available. SAG/AFTRA


May 30 The Comedy Studio w/ Ken Reid Cambridge

June 13 The Comedy Studio w/Ken Reid Cambridge

June 28 & 29 Gayle Live as "Linda" Davis Square Th./Somerville, MA


Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Stuff

Howdy Folks! 

Just cleared off some really old dates. Apologies for not taking care of the updates in some time. 

Right now, stand up dates are a little thin while I work on a couple of things that a cooking that require a whole lot of more rehearsal and fun stuff like that. Not saying that I won't be adding a date here and there if something delicious turns up or, as it is wont to happen, I need to stretch the muscles, get my fix, whatever you want to call it.

But, for now, please know that I ain't dead, just resting else where. Thanks for checking in.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Newton and Precious Saltwater in case you are looking for something non-stand uppy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here's the thing...

Every once in a while a door opens and you either walk into the opportunity knowing its an opportunity or just a door.  Not everyone who walks through that door uses it.  Some folks assume that it will make you special to just be there.  I see that door and know that it is going to become a once in a career change.  Because too many never opened before and I will take it with as much energy as humanly possible.  It's not just a door.  Just you wait.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Trailer

This is a picture of my trailer in the movie "The Invention of Lying."  There is nothing cooler than having a trailer, someone to carry an umbrella over your head to keep your hair just so and Ricky Gervais to attack loudly for pay. My door is the first one (its NOT the bathroom). The last door is my friend Joe Wong's.  This was a very good day.

And while we're at it, me as stupid as a stump post Lisa Pecky in "The A Plate" with Sam McMurry and Joe Stapleton. Another great day at work.